Data is one of a company's most valuable assets - a gold mine of truths and insights waiting to be uncovered. But to leverage this in a continuous and seamless way is challenging. Large data projects can be high risk, low return efforts, while fragmented analysis won't provide long term value. Datasolvr turns data exploration and management into a low risk, high return effort by providing a flexible and powerful platform, for delivering value from raw data all the way into the board room.

Datasolvr delivers a light-weight, secure platform for building and managing data applications on top of a variety of different sources. The platform provides advanced dependency tracking and traceability, while maintaining a powerful environment for exploratory analysis. It supports both traditional SQL as well as modern machine learning methods, with lots of ready-made components and always the option for customizing to your needs. The entire flow is easily automated from imports to dashboards.


Datasolvr is a small team of dedicated, highly skilled people within the fields of mathematics and computer science, with many years of experience developing software for the financial industry. We take great pride in building lasting value for our customers, empowering them with new tools to understand and improve their business. If you want to join us or hear more about what we do, feel free to reach out.


Datasolvr is founded on three core values which we pursue in all aspects of our work: Devotion, ambition and clarity. You can trust us to be both critical and curious in understanding your pains. We will seek to deliver potent and complete solutions to your challenges and will value elegance and simplicity over complexity and convolution.

We have a vision of bringing the analytics capability and technology level of internet giants to any business. We aim to make the value of data accessible to anyone with the relevant domain expertise - not requiring strong skills in math, programming or IT operations. Our products do the heavy lifting and provide a low entry barrier for bridging the gap between cutting-edge research and actual business value.



Our products employ a number of battle-tested technologies for delivering a flexible, scalable and modern solution. Docker provides us with a fast and reliable infrastructure for both cloud and on-premise deployments. Apache Spark is the fast, general purpose compute engine for large-scale data analytics used by many internet giants, and Scala is our favorite modern programming language for ensuring maximal productivity on the familiar Java runtime.

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